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Дети и украшения

"Children had their own types of jewelry. References to children’s jewelry are quite early. Both noble families and wealthy bourgeoisie decorated children with brooches, chaplets, girdles. These were similar in fashion to those worn by the adults, if only cheaper and smaller in size. In Italy in the fourteenth century it was customary to give new-born babies crosses or pieces of coral to be worn round the neck, even more for the protection of the infant than as a decoration. The Child can be seen wearing a coral of this like in a number of quattrocento paintings of the Virgin and the Child. Sumptuary laws often restricted the amount and quality of jewelry worn by children. San Bernardino exclaimed in 1427, addressing Sienese populace: ‘When I think too of your children, how much gold, how much silver, how many pearls, how much embroidery you make them wear!’ On the contrary, in 1528 the edict of Count Enno II of Friesland ordained ‘that all our subjects dress their children according to the old Frisian manner, and adorn them with silver ornaments.’ " (с)

Взято отсюда: http://www.ceu.hu/medstud/manual/SRM/value.htm
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